What We Do

What We Do



Join us for a run along the best itineraries and discuss Prague according to your interests. 365 days a year, we provide guided sightrunning tours led by an experienced and friendly local runner. You set the pace, the meeting point and when your run of Prague starts. If you are after keeping on track for your half marathon at set pace with no particular touristy goals in mind, we’ll love it as well.


The running tour ideally starts and finishes at the place you are staying at without any extra transfers on your side involved. Provided your hotel is more or less downtown, we pick you up right there and after the running tour similarly accompany you back.


To run Prague you need not be a super athlete. It is your time exclusively – our motto Your Pace Is Our Pace applies to all our customers, from genuine beginners to experienced marathoners.


Choose one of the standard running routes or make it twice as long or at midnight or …we can design a unique Prague running route especially for you! Contact us to discuss it. No extra fee is charged for any customization provided the eventual running tour does not exceed 2 hours. Then it is a matter of individual calculation.


During the online registration process you will be required to run through and sign a disclaimer form certifying that you accept all of the possible risks involved and will not hold Running Tours Prague liable should any eventuality arise.


We can stop, yet we do not need to – it is all up to you. Normally there might be a couple of brief stops by the main attractions, usually occasions to take pictures. The running guide could also take pictures along the route (with your prior consent).


We do not cancel the sightrunning tours if it rains or snows. On the contrary, running in Prague can be more fun! The only instance we would cancel a tour is if the streets are frozen over. This happens only rarely, though, so if you are in doubt… expect to run Prague.


You might get sick or plans can change dramatically so that you do not feel like running at all. If you suddenly happen to have a splitting headache or suffer from a serious hangover (we love Czech beer, too!), contact us immediately. We will, where possible, offer you an alternative day.


Order directly using our booking process (as simple as lacing up your sneakers!). We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice. If less notice is given, we will still do our very best to arrange a running tour around Prague for you, simply let us know as soon as you can.


We can organize an excellent and original corporate event for business clientele, as we did for Continental Automotive GmbH (Sept, 2014), when 65 runners divided into 6 groups took a running tour. Similarly, we arranged a running tour for Janssen Pharmaceutical Company.


In Prague the temperatures are generally mild and runner-friendly. Two days prior to your run we update you on the latest local weather forecast so you know what to expect.


Your running guide will be carrying 1/2 litre of gas-less mineral water for you in their rucksack so no worries! :-) There you can also store whichever personal belongings such as keys, coins, extra raincoat, pieces of your running gear etc.


Radim set up the Running Tours Prague back in 2013 and is its leading-guide since then. He was born and raised in Prague. Sometimes co-guides Michael and Peter take part, especially during the rush months. We have been featured in Rick Steves’ Prague and the Czech Republic Guidebook (2014) and the Prague Post.




Digital photos of the route covered


Gas-less mineral water for each runner carried by the guide


Digital map of your run



Radim Prahl Running Tours Prague +420 777 288 862 info (at) runningtoursprague.com